It would seem that losing weight is very simple. It is enough to stick to a strict diet, actively exercise, and the extra pounds will disappear. But this approach to weight loss is not always effective and safe. It is possible to lose excess weight without harm to health by observing the basic rules or resorting to bariatric surgery, but provided that there are indications for its conduct.

Safe rules and techniques for weight loss
In order to lose weight safely and effectively, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. Strictly following them, it is very easy to say goodbye to excess weight. All you need is:

Lose weight slowly. Every day the human body needs to replenish the energy that is required for its normal functioning. If it stops coming, the well-coordinated work of internal organs and systems is disrupted, which can lead to various pathologies. The norm is the loss of 1-2 kg per month, no more. Such a safe weight loss will not affect your health in any way.
Include healthy fats (unsaturated) in the diet: fish oil, olive oil, nuts, avocado, etc. They are involved in the secretion of hormones and contribute to rapid saturation, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
Count calories. You can get rid of extra pounds without much infringement of personal gastronomic preferences. Counting the calorie content of foods will help you lose weight correctly. Many reject this technique because of its complexity. However, it is thanks to a reasonable restriction of the caloric content of the diet that it is possible to balance the diet and lose weight.
Speed up metabolism. Over the years, the metabolic rate in the body decreases, it does not spend calories as actively as before. To speed it up and thereby lose weight safely, you need to: always get enough sleep, avoid starvation, exercise, be sure to have breakfast with food saturated with complex carbohydrates. It is also necessary to quit smoking and give up any kind of alcohol.
Observe the drinking regime. To start the processes of weight loss without harm to health, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. It has the ability to accelerate metabolism and break down fats, as well as reduce appetite. Any methods of weight loss imply a ban on the use of carbonated and other sugary drinks.
Reduce sugar intake. Refusal of this product contributes to rapid weight loss, because 90% of food includes it. But you should not get rid of it completely. The body needs natural sugar (from fruits, berries), but refined sugar is harmful to health.
Nutritionists advise replacing black tea with green. Studies have proven that this drink contains many antioxidants that promote fat burning and accelerate metabolism.

To lose weight safely, you should give up a strict diet. Strict restrictions on the use of food negatively affect the work of the whole body. In addition, after a strict diet, all the dropped kilograms will return in record time. If you eat properly and in a balanced way, weight loss will be effective and safe.